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Helmenhohde Holistic Healing

For your Wellbeing – Naturally.

Hello, I’m Soile - Welcome to Helmenhohde Holistic Healing!

Do you feel you need a change in your life, or perhaps you find it difficult to make a decision on something? Does something in your work environment feel stressful? Do you struggle to get through the day in your everday family life, perhaps with a new baby? Perhaps you’ve had to give up something important to you, such as a job or a hobby or you’ve lost someone dear to you. Do you perhaps feel that you haven’t found your true place in life?

I have extensive training on various healing therapies: I have a Diploma on Reflexology and I am a Reiki Master. Indian Head Massage and Energy Healing Therapies are part of my treatments.

I offer to help you clear your inner blocks by challenging and encouraging you mentally while supporting your physical wellbeing. My ”tool box” includes basic healthcare skills, reflexology, energy healing and relaxation techniques.

My aim is your overall wellbeing and guidance for the future. You can book a free consultation visit first, to see how I could help and what treatments would be most helpful to you. Energy healing treatments are empowering, and help you to relieve stress and make you feel more integrated, both mentally and physically.

I am also a Qualified Foot Health Practitioner and I have many years’ experience in working in healthcare sector. I also do foot treatments as part of my treatment package, which includes classic massage, lymphatic treatment, acu-massage and releaving muscle tension.

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For your Wellbeing


Raindrop treatment is a form of aromatherapy, which utilises the healing qualities of essential oils. This is a technique used by the Lakota Indians, combined with classic massage.

Clearing emotional blocks with essential oils

Today’s busy and irregular pace may make life difficult and stressful at times. It is a well known fact, that the state of your mental health has a profound affect on your physical health.


My reflexology treatments are based on Norwegian Dr. Charles Ersdal’s (M.D, M.A) methods. Dr. Ersdal developed his technique for over 25 years. This holistic zone therapy is done by applying gentle pressure on certain parts of the foot.