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Clearing emotional blocks with essential oils

Today’s hectic and irregular pace may make life stressful at times. We all know that the state of one’s mental health has a profound affect on one’s physical health. More than ever, scientists are researching the impact of feelings and mental well-being on physical body. Many doctors recognise the possibility that illnesses can be caused by emotional problems, which have started in childhood, infancy, or even stem from intrauterine events. Because the essential oils have a direct impact on the mental and emotional parts of our brain, they can help the mind and body to be released from emotional blocks so that one can build a brighter life.

Essential oil molecules are sufficiently small to work directly on cellular level. They also carry coded information that cellular level DNA can decipher. This has significant therapeutic benefit, both physically, mentally and on an emotional level. Inhaled essential oils have a direct impact on the emotional part of our brain, where traumatic memories often are stored. Oils can release cellular level memories all over the body and that can be of great benefit in clearing subconscious and hidden emotional patterns. These emotional patterns can control one’s life and can block one from making most of all the possibilities available to us in our life.

This treatment lasts for about an hour and it costs 70 euros + oils, altogether 85 euros.

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