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Conquest facial massage

Conquest facial massage is a light non-surgical ”face lift”. The treatment begins with relaxing massaging strokes on the back and the limbs and by pressing on acu-points. After this the treatment concentrates solely on the face for an hour, the massaging done very delicately by fingertips.

This treatment is a combination of classic massage, shiatsu, lymphatic treatment and energy treatment. The results are relaxation and a  glowing appearance. No care products are needed during the treatment. The client rests on the treatment couch with eyes closed and just lets their body fall into blissful relaxation. Even one treatment brightens the appearance, but with a series of treatments it is possible to achieve more visible results: smoothening of forehead wrinkes, lessening of upper lip wrinkles or lifting of eylids without using chemicals.

The treatments lasts for approximately an hour and a half and it costs 78 euros. This heavenly treatment can be intensified by using therapeutic essential oils – price with the oils is 88 euros.

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