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Energy Healing

Every energy healing session is unique to each client and focuses on their specific needs. The treatment is always started with Reiki healing, balancing the chakras, and then continues in a very creative way, using intuition. During the treatment I receive impressions regarding the client and their life in the past and in the present. Our body is much more than just a physical body. The physical body is surrounded by an energy field, in which ”one can see” thoughts, feelings, memories and much more. I will tell the client about these impressions and through our conversation they may realise something important about their life. I will guide them to forgive, themselves and others. It releases old burdens they no longer wish to carry within. I also guide the client to meet ”ghosts of the past”, situations and people who have hurt them. These encounters are done using visualisation and they are very powerful and help to clarify things. The treatment setting is safe, gentle and caring.

Energy healing session is very emotional and goes deep. During these years I have been a witness to many unbelievable leaps that my clients have made in their life. They have been able to find their true self and their own way of living this life, and have been able to leave behind ”energy thieves” and other negative controllers.

Enery healing lasts for approximately 90 minutes and costs 60 euros, with the essential oils 70 euros.

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