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Indian head massage

Indian head massage is based on thousands of years of old Ayerveda, according to which health is a balance of physical, mental and sprititual wellbeing.

This treatment has been practiced for a thousand years and its aim has been to increase holistic wellbeing and to achieve relaxation and calmness.  Indian head massage is a touch therapy and the treatment lasts for half an hour while the client is relaxing.

Indian head massage starts by massaging neck and shoulders. This helps to boost the lymphatic and blood flow on the upper body. This improves oxygen intake and increases removal of waste products. When the client relaxes, they become  more receptive to gentler massage touches. There is no need for vigorous pressing, a lighter touch is sufficient. At the same time the client’s stress levels go down and already that in itself has a relaxing and healing effect.

The results of this treatment are, amongst others, easing of neck and shoulder pains, strengthtening of immune system and improvement of the quality of sleep.

This treatment costs 40 euros. If you want to deepen the relaxation, we can also use therapeutic essential oils. Together with the oils, the price is 50 euros.

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