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Reiki Healing

Reiki is the ability to activate the all present life force energy, love energy, to focus it and use it where it is needed, to bring different energies into balance and to promote holistic healing. Reiki gives the body more vigour. The body can use it to begin and accelerate its natural healing processes. Reiki is the highest source of all life. It activates our creative possibilities and abilities and opens us to renewing influences. This means healing on all levels: growth and fertility on body level, creative power on soul level, abundance of ideas and inventions on mental level and growth of wisdom on knowledge level.

For Reiki healing the client is lying on the treatment couch, or sitting comfortably on a treatment chair, fully clothed. The therapist holds their hands over the energy centres, or chakras, in specific order and treats the whole body and its chakras in this way, in order to balance body energies. Reiki healing promotes deep relaxation, clears energy blockages and brings new vigour into everyday life.

The treatment lasts for approximately 90 minutes and costs 60 euros, with the essential oils 70 euros.

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